Sighs angrily okay here’s a PSA from an irritated josie

Guys seriously before you ask someone a question because you can’t figure something out, it helps to actually try figure out the question yourself first before asking someone (like a one specific person) to help you out because you think they’ll know

I mean this especially for stupid things you could just google how to do, like turning off notifications on your phone from facebook I mean COME ON it takes you two minutes to google something (fabulous thing about googling things is you can be vague as fuck with your question like “turn off notifications facebook phone ?” and google will still find you an answer)
And it takes you one minute to ask me, 5+ minutes for me to type out every single fucking step for you to do the thing yourself (not including time it may take for me to look it up BECAUSE I’M DOING THE HOMEWORK FOR YOU IF I DON’T ALREADY KNOW IT), and a further 5+ minutes of me sighing angrily because you don’t understand my crystal clear instructions and want me to waste even more of my time re-explaining it to you however many times it takes to get you to understand how to do something that you could have figured out with common sense
When it could have taken you just two minutes to google it yourself

Because seriously this annoys me to no end because common sense and the simple knowledge of how to google everything you don’t know is all I do to learn things and it isn’t even a difficult thing to learn to do
1. Use your common sense
2. If common sense fails you, open google and google the fuck out of what you want to know
3. Keep googling shit until you find what you were looking for
4. Result
5. Congrats u learnt a thing

I’ve got at least three days off from work, so I’m going to use up that temporary dye I bought two weeks ago and dye my fringe purple again

And I’m just hoping I won’t land a Wednesday morning shift because I don’t really fancy spending my Tuesday night washing my hair three or four times to get out as much of the dye as possible

I mean that will probably happen anyway and I’m not all that bothered by it, I just want my fringe to be purple for as long as possible boo hoo


the first step towards confidence is not being afraid to be ugly

once you get over the fear of being unattractive and stop equating beauty with other good things in life (friends, love, happiness) it’s a lot easier to love yourself unconditionally

your job is not to sit around and be pretty and easy on everyone else’s eyes

your job is to do whatever the fuck you want and look however the fuck you want while doing it