go to google translate. type a sentence in english and translate it to a language of your choice. translate it again to another language. translate it again. and again. and again. translate it 6 more times. then once more. translate it one final time back to english. what are you left with? something that’s completely different than the original. 

or as we like to call it

the bible


This is great



artist jason decaires taylor has created four hundred unique human sculptures and placed them over 420 square metres of mexican sea bed surrounding cancun, isla mujeres and punta nizuc.    

made with environmentally friendly and ph neutral materials, the sculptures, located four to eight metres bellow sea level, are designed to act as long term artificial reefs, attracting corals, increasing marine biomass and aggregating fish species, and work to divert tourists away from fragile natural reefs, thus providing space for their rejuvenation.

as time passes, the sculptures change with their evolving environment, creating a living aspect to the work. eventually to be totally assimilated by marine life, the sculptures make a statement about the imperceptible changes of nature on human artifice and act as a challenging metaphor for the future of our own species.   

although constituting only 8% of our oceans, shallow seas contain most of the marine life on planet earth. over the past few decades, we have lost over 40% of our natural coral reefs, and scientists predict a permanent demise of 80% by 2050.