• female protag
  • no love story cause shes a six yr old
  • bff is a small girl of color
  • bechdel test passed in like the first ten minutes
  • anti-bullying message
  • anti-abuse message
  • pro-learning message
  • this girl is so smart she can move things with her MIND
  • teaches kids that if ppl are toxic, even if they are family, then you don’t have to stay with them
  • cute as frickle
  • great soundtrack
  • happiest ending
  • infinitely relatable

these are the facts people

I ended up staying the night at my parents’ after I had dinner with them

I can’t sleep, I don’t feel right here. It feels like my entire existence is rebelling because I don’t feel at home here, at all. My muscles, my bones, my itchy skin and sore eyes, all of me is just screaming I don’t want to be here and something just feels so wrong with that.

It’s funny how stark the difference is between my two bedrooms. At my house, it is my space, my home, safety, sanctuary. At my parents’ house, I feel trapped, like trying to escape something by running into a cage, I’m suffocating. Exact opposites. The two most important spaces in my life and only one of them is what it is meant to be.

Something just feels so wrong with that.

Most of all I miss Tiger

I miss having a cat that adores the fuck out of me, and the thought of seeing her only 1-3 times a week makes me really sad

I said I wouldn’t even look into getting a cat until I’d gotten a second job but fuck I miss having a cat to come home to that thought I was their world