I really like the idea of making a visual diary of my photographs that I don’t end up putting in my huge photo album

Like blurry film photos, phone snaps, prints off my digital camera, photos like that

I think it’s a cute idea


Anonymous asked:

Shakespeare was queer? I thought he only had affairs with ladies. What dudes did he get it on with?

swanjolras answered:


so remember those sonnets, you know, about one hundred and twenty-six of them, the whole thing about “shall i compare thee to a summer’s day”

written to a hot male earl, dude

in 1640 some asshole named john literally had to change all the pronouns in those 126 sonnets because they were super fuckin queer and he was not comfy with how super fuckin queer they were

also, like, casual elizabethan bisexuality? christopher “they who love not tobacco and boys are fools” marlowe? the venetian “tit bridge”, where prostitutes were commanded by official decree to stand around topless to entice men who were bangin’ too many dudes, because there were so many gay men it was becoming a legitimate social problem?

welcome to the wonderful world of “literally everyone in the past was queer”, friend, enjoy your stay

My July so far:
- omg guys I’m moving out
- omg guys I’m back on my meds this sucks but it’ll get better
- omg being an adult sucks but it’s also exciting all the same
- omg everything’s wonderful everything’s great I love everything
- omg fuck everything I quit being an adult I don’t want to be responsible for myself all I want to do is eat potato gems and sleep all day get the fuck away from me but give me a cuddle before you go okay I love you sorry I’m being an asshole I’ll make this up to you later I promise but fuck off first